Funny Gummy

NASA Apollo 9 Command module was nicknamed “Gumdrop”.

Jelly babies were first made in London, England in 1885.  So long ago!

Jelly babies in the bath!

 According to The Guinness Book of World Records, the biggest gummy ever made was in 2014 and it weighed in at 1,128 pounds and 12 ounces.


George Harrison of the Beatles declared that jelly babies were his favorite sweet treat.  From then on the band was pelted with jelly babies when on stage in UK.  


gummies  girl has heard from friends that gummy worms make great fishing bait!

It’s true! Fish seem to go for the multi colored wiggly worms. Serious fishermen have said that they have had great success when using gummy worms as fish bait and especially fishing for bass. Other advantages are that they are cheap compared to other bait, and they make it easy when teaching young kids how to bait the hook. And of course you and the kids can eat some too!

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